4 ways to personalize your corporate gifts


Corporate gifts are always a great way to highlight how important your employees, partners and collaborators are to the success of your business. If you’re looking for a unique way to thank your professional entourage, the Empreinte is the ideal place to find original gifts for all your celebratory occasions.

As a follow-up to our article giving you 5 good reasons to offer an Empreinte coopérative gift to your partners and professional collaborators, we now present 4 ways to personalize your Empreinte gifts in order to make them even more unique and exceptional.



1-Create personalized bespoke items

Are you looking for an original gift idea that will reflect your corporate values ​​while bringing pleasure to your employees? Have you seen an object that would be the most perrrrrrfect corporate gift, but you can't find it anywhere? Do you have a great idea for a unique gift? Well, L'Empreinte coopérative provides you with the opportunity to create custom items personalized by one or more of our artisan members. Several options are available to you, the possibilities are endless, and are limited only to your imagination! Contact us to describe what you have in mind, and we will help you make it happen!

2Personalize your gifts with your logo or the names of employees/colleagues/partners

Thanks to the varied technical skills of our members, several choices are available to you to personalize the creations you choose at the Empreinte. We have the tools and equipment necessary to engrave, burn, screen print or emboss your company logo or the names of your employees and partners on the products you have selected. The expertise and professional mastery of multiple craft techniques are our greatest strength, thanks to the cooperative creation and production methods of our members and guest craftsmen.



3-Send your gifts with a pretty greeting card and a personalized note

Words are always a great way to express our gratitude to your professional entourage. To further personalize your corporate gifts, why not send them with a lovely greeting card and a few words of your own? We have a stationery section that includes several unique and original handmade greeting cards. We can even personalize the cards with your logo. It's the perfect touch to thank, congratulate or celebrate a business partner.



4-Have your gifts wrapped in your company colours

The final touch that adds value to any gift, is the care taken in the packaging. Take advantage of the Empreinte’s turnkey professional gift wrapping service. Choose between different packaging options: boxes or gift bag, as well as the choice of paper and ribbon colour.


Visit our Corporate Gift section

In Quebec: for more information and suggestions for handmade creations


It will be our pleasure to guide and help you select and create your perfect corporate gifts.


We can’t wait to work with you!


This article is an update of an article published in May, 2021. We now have even more variety, choices and services for your corporate gifts! It definitely deserved a new article!


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