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Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, our art boutique is a beautiful and timeless place that is fully worth a visit. It will dazzle you with its sleek design and enchanting cachet that make shopping a pleasure. All the works of art are displayed with care and good taste. Our qualified sales staff will be happy to guide you through the selection of creations offered and suggest small gems for purchase.

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Over the years, the Empreinte coopérative art boutique has become synonymous with quality Quebec products. On site, you will find unique, original and contemporary crafts: jewellery, fashion items, games and toys, ceramics, tableware, etc. A unique fact, which contributes to its special character, is that there are almost always artisans in the boutique to discuss their creations with the public. Since its inception, the boutique has offered the products of nearly 500 Quebec artisans. Today, the works of 21 member artisans and more than 70 guest artisans are presented.

Come see us at 88, St-Paul Est, Vieux-Montréal.

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