Quebec handcrafted jewelry

Browse our selection of handcrafted jewelry from Quebec made by local designers. The necklacesnecklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings selected reflect the talent of the jewelers who shape the materials to make unique jewelry.

Gold, silver, wood and glass are delicately transformed to become the final touch to your outfit.

In addition to timeless items, our collection of Quebec-made jewelry evolves with the seasons so that you can always discover new trends. Sometimes colorful and eccentric, sometimes more minimalist and discreet, the jewelry of our artisans stand out for their great quality.

Handmade jewelry in Quebec

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and inspected by the jeweler during the manufacturing process. The result is a durable and unique piece of jewelry that you can wear for many years.

Wearing a piece of jewelry from Quebec encourages the local economy while helping to reduce the ecological footprint of the delivery and production of jewelry from the fast fashion. Let Quebec talent shine, and shine in turn.

Store for Quebec jewelry online or visit us at L'empreinte Coopérative in Old Montreal.

217 products

217 products