5 products to reduce your ecological footprint

In recent years, the environment has become a major concern. It is important that each of us be concerned about our impact on the environment. For Earth Day, l'Empreinte coopérative is proposing 5 items from its shop to help you reduce your ecological footprint.

  1. Upcycling small cooler bag

In addition to being very colourful, our little lunch box is ecological, ethical and stylish! With its insulated wall, you can carry your lunch and keep your food cool all day long. This cooler bag is made according to the upcycling principle, which means that it is made from recycled objects or materials, such as recycled advertising posters in this case. It is therefore very robust and will allow you to carry your lunch in style while reducing your ecological footprint. Get the small cooler in our zero waste section on the website.

The eco-friendly cooler from our guest craftsman Duel

  1. Ceramic travel mug

This elegant mug will allow you to enjoy your favorite drink on the go. The travel mug will definitely become one of your must-have accessories because in addition to its many practical features, it will help you reduce your ecological footprint. There are only advantages to replacing the traditional plastic or cardboard cups with reusable ones. Get yours on the website and you'll see!

The travel mug from our ceramic artist Marie-France Labrosse

  1. Maple syrup jar

This maple syrup jar from Poterie Publique is a perfect kitchen accessory to reduce your ecological footprint. Instead of buying a plastic container of maple syrup sold in grocery stores, you will simply pour the contents of your maple syrup cane into this beautiful ceramic jug. Once the jar is empty, simply refill it. No more waste and no more plastic. Another advantage is that it is also very practical for bulk filling. Come and get yours in store or directly on the website.

Maple syrup jars from Poterie Publique

  1. Natural anti-wrinkle cream

What could be better than adding to your beauty routine a cream that is as good for your skin as it is for the environment? You'll fall in love with the wonderful natural anti-wrinkle cream from Quai des bulles. This cream, made from natural ingredients, helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and the appearance of signs of aging. Inexpensive, the cream deeply moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue and is perfect for mature skin. In addition to taking care of your skin with natural and ecological products, you are supporting an artisanal company with great environmental values. Order yours on l'Empreinte website. 

Anti-wrinkle cream from the Quai des bulles artisanal soap factory

  1. Shoulder bag made of recycled materials

This unique shoulder bag can hold everything you need and is a perfect alternative to reduce your ecological footprint and make a concrete gesture for the health of our planet. Very stylish, the bag is made from recycled transport truck tarpaulins. This bag will undoubtedly become one of your daily essential accessories! Get yours on the website.

The eco-friendly shoulder bag from our guest artisan Duel

Visit l'Empreinte cooperative website or come visit us directly in store to discover our wide range of products. Many zero-waste gift options are available to allow you to act in the good of our beautiful planet Earth.

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