5 Reasons to offer a gift handmade in Quebec by an Empreinte coop artisan to your employees, collaborators and business partners




Your employees and business partners are at the very heart of your company's success. Whether it is to express your gratitude, to congratulate them or simply to mark a very special occasion, corporate gifts are always a great way to underline these people’s contribution to your achievements.

The artisans at Montréal’s L’Empreinte coopérative present 5 reasons why you should offer a corporate gift from its store.



1-Gifts that match your company’s values

Looking for a gift idea that reflects your corporate values? L'Empreinte coopérative gives you the opportunity to create custom-made items personalized by one or more of its artisan members. You’ll know you’re offering your employees, colleagues and clients a gift that correspond to your corporate culture. You can also select an item in store or online and we will personalize it with your logo.




2-A quality gift for quality employees

All the products created by Empreinte artisans are handmade, locally, and with quality materials. What better way to thank your employees than with a gift reflective of and acknowledging the quality of their work? With its wide range of products, created by professional craftsmen recognized within the local and international arts and crafts community, L'Empreinte will provide you with the ideal gift to express your gratitude, in an original and exceptional way.



3-It is more rewarding to receive a unique gift than a generic gift

We can all agree that a handmade gift or item is always more meaningful and rewarding to receive than a generic bauble with no emotional value.

At L’Empreinte coopérative Montréal, we offer you the possibility of personalizing your gift with your logo, the name of the person who will be receiving it or the occasion being highlighted. We can also add a greeting card and professional packaging created expressly for you. Above all, all the products have been handcrafted and meticulously produced by passionate Québec designers.Your employees, colleagues and clients will feel more valued when they receive a unique and thoughtfully designed gift.

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4-Original gifts for all occasions

At L’Empreinte, you will find great gift ideas for all occasions, whether it’s a birthday, celebrating years of service, a retirement celebration, maternity/paternity leave, awards of excellence, and more. Our artisans from multiple disciplines work leather, wood, glass, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, and graphics. You’ll find everything you need to show your employees that you are thinking of them during significant moments and achievements in their lives.



5-Encourage local Québec artisans

Now more than ever, it’s important to encourage local businesses.Like the rest of the population, your colleagues, employees and clients are more aware of buying local and the need to support our local businesses. Buying a gift made by local artisans is a good way to demonstrate your commitment to your community. Active for nearly 50 years and located in the heart of the Old Port of Montréal, L’Empreinte coopérative offers a wide range of gift suggestions available in store or online. It’s a good way to please and incentivize your employees, collaborators and partners while encouraging the talent and know-how of Quebec artisans.

Contact us to discuss what you have in mind, and our numerous corporate gift customization possibilities. It will be our pleasure to guide and help you make it all a reality.


For even more details and suggestions for creations handmade right here in Québec

We can’t wait to work with you!


This article is an update of an article published in February, 2021. We now have even more variety, choices and services for your corporate gifts! It definitely deserved a new article!


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