Karina Guevin - Glass artist

Karina Guevin dans son atelier

Karina Guévin - Flame-blown and shaped glass.

How long have you been a member of the cooperative?

I joined the cooperative in 2017.

Karina Guévin- verres

How would you describe your work?

I am a glassblower, I blow and shape glass with a torch to create utilitarian and decorative objects, sculptures and a range of jewellery inspired by fantasy tales and animals that are coming directly from magical forests. My work is meticulous and requires a great mastery of the material, it reflects my passion for work well done, my love of the little things that bring a smile and transport you into a magical world.

Karina guevin- glaçons colorés

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As an artisan, what do you get out of being part of the cooperative?

The cooperative brings me a lot on a human level. Like many artists, the creative moments take place in solitude. It is sometimes difficult to have direct contact with clients and collectors and being a member of the cooperative enriches my life with beautiful encounters!

Karina Guevin - boucle d'oreille oeuf bacon

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Karina Guévin - artisan verrier

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