Handmade art has never been so accessible.

Buying art has never been so simple ! It is now possible to consult our favourite works of art without even having to move from home. L'Empreinte coopérative Montréal has found a modern way to make its art accessible to everyone despite the restrictions of the pandemic!

A transactional online store

Thanks to l'Empreinte's online store, you can buy the crafts you want directly on the transactional site. Through the large selection of gifts offered online, you can browse through the different pages of the site and discover the immense range of handmade products by the cooperative's artisans. Each item available on the site is accompanied by a brief description as well as details on the materials, dimensions, techniques used, and much more. You will thus have in your possession everything you need to know about the craft that caught your attention. L'Empreinte also allows you, with a single click, to purchase your favourite products. Ready to be delivered to your home in no time, handmade art has never seemed so accessible.

Online store l'Empreinte

No need to move from home

Directly from your home, you can consult the wide range of handmade products by the cooperative's artisans. Another benefit of l'Empreinte's online store is that you can stay comfortably at home and receive your favourite works of art at your doorstep. So no need to move ! You have privileged access directly from your living room. A very good thing for people who don't necessarily live near Montreal and who wish to purchase works of art carefully crafted in Quebec by fine craft professionals.

Coussin Empreinte

Avoid delivery fees

New this month on the online store! L'Empreinte has just introduced the in-store pick-up option. You can now choose a day between Thursday and Sunday to pick up your order in store. For people who live near Montreal and wish to avoid shipping costs, this new option will be a great addition.

Art fait à la main Empreinte

Professional art accessible for all budgets

By offering quality products handmade by passionate professional craftspeople and at prices that suit all budgets, l'Empreinte coopérative gives everyone access to Quebec art. No matter the amount of money you wish to invest in a decoration or a gift, you will find at l'Empreinte several choices of products that are sure to please your loved ones. It sure makes professional crafts accessible to all!

Affiche Empreinte

Visit l'Empreinte's online boutique to discover the products offered. You for sure will find your next favourite handmade product. Good shopping!

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