Renée Bovet - Painter on silk

Our June 2021 Artisan of the Month

Renée Bovet - peintre sur soie- l'empreinte coopérative

How long have you been a member of  L'Empreinte coopérative in Montreal?

I have been a member since 1988. I was so happy to be chosen to be part of this great family.

Renée Bovet - dépanneur - L'Empreinte coop

How would you describe your work as an artisan?

I paint on silk with liquid dyes designed specifically for silk.

The contours are outlined with a resin: gutta, which blocks the pores of the silk and allows clean and precise lines and the possibility of multiple details that I particularly like.

I chose silk for its fineness, its transparency, its brightness and the softness of the gradations.

From my originals on silk, I decline reproductions on paper, giclees on canvas and acrylic which make my paintings accessible to all.

Renée Bovet - Avant -Après - L'Empreinte coopérative

Stages of creation

Tell us about your accomplishments as an artisan.

53 of my paintings were offered to the winners of the Villes et Villages fleuris du Québec contest.

I participated in the Paris Fair in 1996.

I was the first recipient of the exhibition: The prize of the public at the Salon des métiers du Québec in Montreal.

Renée Bovet - corde à linge - L'Empreinte coopérative

Winning painting of the "Prix du public" of the Salon des Métiers d'art

Tell us about your favourite products available at l'Empreinte.

I really like my giclees on acrylic.

I like that only the image is offered to us. The effect is pure and the colours are vibrant.

Renée Bovet - Carré St-Louis - L'Empreinte coopérative

St-Louis Square

Shop here

As an artisan, what does it mean to you to be part of the Empreinte cooperative?

L'Empreinte has played an important role in the promotion of fine crafts in Montreal for over 45 years. I'm proud to be part of the chain of all the beautiful people who have made it shine over the years.

It started with the idea of a few creators at the time and many artisans have passed the torch since.

Renée Bovet - sous-verre - l'Empreinte coopérative

Shop here

Do you have a memory or moment that stands out in your life related to L'Empreinte coopérative that you would like to share with us on this page?

A few years ago, scenes from the movie The Score were filmed at the shop's former location at 272 St-Paul East. They turned our store into a film set. Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and Edward Norton were there.

I remember standing on the street for a very long time hoping to see one of them, without success.

Renée Bovet - l'atelier - L'Empreinte coopérative

The artist's studio

"Renée Bovet is an artist whose remarkable talent is to be able to feel and represent the joy of life."

Renée Bovet- artiste - L'Empreinte coopérative


  • Azza Ali

    Ma sœur aime peindre sur soie. Et elle cherche un patron de dessin. Pouvez-vous m’aider où puis-je le trouver à Montréal ?

  • Yolande Gouin

    Quel talent! Vos œuvres sont magnifiques!

  • Nicole

    J’ai une de vos oeuvres
    Chaise sur quai mon rêve , installer dans ma chambre Merci

  • Francine Leduc

    C’est en 1996 à la foire de Paris que je suis tomber en amour avec cette grande artiste …..juste d’en parler j’ai envi de rire .
    Félicitation ma belle amie !

  • Gaétane St-Pierre

    Magnifique !

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