Discovering the art of craftsmanship: A unique expertise

Sylvie Laframboise,ébéniste, dans sont atelier

In Quebec, arts and crafts occupy an important place in the artistic, cultural, social and economic universe. Today, there are no fewer than 3,000 craftspeople in Quebec, working in over 100 different trades. Through them, the values of eco-responsibility, applied manufacturing and local purchasing are passed on, creating a unique proximity between creators and the population.

At l'Empreinte coopérative, our mission is to promote and democratize Quebec's fine crafts by showcasing the work and products of local professional artisans, and we've been doing so for 50 years. Let's discover a world full of creativity and uniqueness!

Mathilda Lovell, céramiste, décorant une pièce de céramique au pinceau

What is a fine craft?

First of all, let's define what an art craft is: it's an original artistic creation made in a one of a kind or a few copies, created with a practical, decorative and/or expressive purpose in mind.

Arts and crafts can be divided into different families, offering consumers a wide range of creations. Artists transform materials such as wood, leather, ceramics, metals, paper, stone and textiles, to name but a few.

Mélanie Laplante, artiste verrier québécoise, travaillant dans son atelier

Art specialists

Craft artists are first and foremost creators. However, within this ecosystem, the same people wear many hats. An artisan will design, manufacture, exhibit and even market his or her work, making him or her a complete artist.

Our cooperative comprises over 80 artisans, 20 of whom are members, each with their own profile and artistic approach. From jewelry to cabinetmaking to clothing, our creations are the result of extensive know-how. We are committed to preserving ancestral knowledge while integrating new technologies into our practices. Our skills, often acquired in specialized schools or with master craftsmen, remain at the forefront of technological advances.

Lidia Raymond, joaillière, travaillant à la confection de bijoux en argent dans son atelier de l'Est de Montréal

Artcrafts, here to stay

In short, fine crafts occupy an essential place in our community, both artistically and socially. At l'Empreinte coopérative, we are adapting to the new challenges that this environment presents us, to ensure our long-term survival and continue to promote local crafts. It's by sticking together, in solidarity and dedication, that we'll continue to do what we do best: create to inspire!

Photo credits: Alain Lefort

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